Jumat, 02 Januari 2015

@freestylesteve tweeted: Just Like That...

Dj Freestyle Steve
Just Like That... ift.tt/1I641WQ pic.twitter.com/nuSsHTAd5w
Guess who hung out backstage last night?! @JonnyBones !! Youngest champ in UFC history 🏆 #JT2020Tour pic.twitter.com/AFCxlwswRI
Justin Timberlake
Hard to believe...Last night of #JT2020Tour. What a journey...Let's make it count @THETNKIDS
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Matt Morris
Congrats, my friend, on a tremendous run. You continue to show the world how do to it right. pic.twitter.com/XOjKbaStVQ
david carr
How do you know @pkafka is a pro? Great when he has a story and still pretty great when he doesn't. recode.net/2015/01/02/foo…
Dribbling on behalf of Jackie Robinson
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