Rabu, 04 Maret 2015

@Usher tweeted: #GoRogueOrGoHome Thanks for always making it weird @TheEllenShow #RepeatAfterMe 🏀

Usher Raymond IV
#GoRogueOrGoHome Thanks for always making it weird @TheEllenShow #RepeatAfterMe 🏀
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Ellen DeGeneres
You won't believe how I got to work today.
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Witness the defining chapter of #TheHobbit Trilogy Fan Challenge. goo.gl/AjnqOj
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jimmy fallon
Hashtag game! Tweet out a funny rap about Spring Break and tag with #SpringBreakRaps. Could be on our show!
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Amy Purdy
Back in the dance studio! It feels so good! Practicing for a great fundraising event this weekend! @CAFoundation
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Marketing Land
TweetDeck Users Will Now Have To Sign In With Their Twitter Credentials by @MartinBeck mklnd.com/1DVNbdt
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