Rabu, 17 Desember 2014

Do you know Raisa Andriana, Lindsay Lohan and Timbaland on Twitter?

Guru Garut Berbagi,
Some people you may know on Twitter.
  Guru Garut Berbagi
Raisa Andriana @raisa6690
I'm a singer, in love forever with it. In it for the love of music, not...
Followed by Irfan Bachdim and afgansyah reza.
Following: 382 · Followers: 3734967
Lindsay Lohan @lindsaylohan
Artist. Instagram: @lindsaylohan https://t.co/cITYX2aALN...
Followed by Oprah Winfrey and afgansyah reza.
Following: 332 · Followers: 8654388
Timbaland @Timbaland
This is the official twitter of legendary producer Timbaland. I possess...
Followed by Justin Timberlake and afgansyah reza.
Following: 303 · Followers: 1443778
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