Rabu, 03 Desember 2014

@netmediatama tweeted: 5 in the air, Hi-5! Happy watching...

5 in the air, Hi-5! Happy watching... pic.twitter.com/jsR23TgN59
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Dana Pandawa
Stand Up Comedy Show
@atamerica 4th Anniversary
Saturday,Dec 6th. 3pm
in Bahasa Indonesia & English.
F R E E ...!!! pic.twitter.com/ZevzXlHMYC
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Badminton Indonesia
Standings of #AxiataCup : pic.twitter.com/26NDWVipt9
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Jerry Aurum
Shooting @Joe_Taslim at this super cool geothermal spot, the Champagne Pool, Rotorua NZ, with… instagram.com/p/wFqgDopOXO/
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Joe Taslim
With my Maori Brothers, These warriors have a strong vibe, very powerful and friendly at the same time.. Respect whosay.com/l/Iwi9L0K
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The Wamena Highlands : The Other Ultimate Trekkers' Rendezvous goo.gl/vCM0K7 #WonderfulIndonesia pic.twitter.com/A8h86jeHHs
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