Senin, 16 Februari 2015

@justinbieber tweeted: Been having fun every week with @TheEllenShow :)

Justin Bieber
Been having fun every week with @TheEllenShow :)
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Justin Timberlake
In case you missed it or want more cowbell...the #SNL40 @nbcsnl cold open with @jimmyfallon !!!! -teamJT
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Did you check it out!?! #SNL40 @nbcsnl @jtimberlake @jimmyfallon
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Kim Kardashian West
Party time excellent!!!!!
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The gorgeous typeface that drove men mad and spurred a 100-year mystery
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Questlove Gomez
I don't need to do anything on turntables: Jimmy, Taylor, Justin, Jim B, Dan A, form a superband…
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