Rabu, 11 Februari 2015

@twitter tweeted: We're excited to announce we’ve agreed to acquire @JoinNiche!:

We're excited to announce we've agreed to acquire @JoinNiche!: blog.twitter.com/2015/welcoming…
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Dj Freestyle Steve
That Baby Taking A Bath... #NewTruckSmell #DjLife ift.tt/17h4rPb
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Michael Jackson
"It was [Michael's] supreme achievement as a dancer to remain indomitably himself..." – Lewis Segal in the @latimes
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Fallon Tonight
Dakota Johnson shares a baby pic of her channelling Miami Vice with @DonJohnsonReal youtube.com/watch?v=3XiMvn…
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Maria Shriver
Making a romantic Valentine's lunch or dinner? Here's a great Heart Shaped Zucchini Frittatas recipe @CristinaCooks bit.ly/1DFzlgr
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Shout out to @SeanEtheTrumpet - #TNKid trumpet player! - who came up with the #JT2020TourMAP idea! 👌👌👌
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