Jumat, 03 April 2015

@jimmyfallon tweeted: The Evolution of Mom Dancing 2 - Special thanks to @FLOTUS! #GimmeFive #MomDance #FallonTonight

jimmy fallon
The Evolution of Mom Dancing 2 - Special thanks to @FLOTUS! #GimmeFive #MomDance #FallonTonight
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Björn Lindemann
This week was The Foucus Only to The Match against chonburi...Train Hard Play Hard💪💪… instagram.com/p/1CgeQ7lpVq/
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I wonder if Charlemagne felt guilty at all when Kendrick talked about tearing down another black man, since that's all these niggas do...💭
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timo scheunemann
Abseloutly love it!!
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O The Oprah Magazine
Weight loss secrets from around the world bit.ly/1tPFxj3
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Robin Roberts
Good Friday indeed. #Blessings instagram.com/p/1CCNCuKwze/
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