Kamis, 02 April 2015

@KiareeMusic tweeted: This song will be on @987ampradio soon! @TheRealSlacker @RoxanneSteele @thecoopshow #Winner Song says it all #Goal

This song will be on @987ampradio soon! @TheRealSlacker @RoxanneSteele @thecoopshow #Winner rvrb.fm/1CE1dkJ Song says it all #Goal
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Gayle King
Oh happy day @O_Magazine 15 years with our FAVORITE cover girl!!! Our FIRST Black & white cover !… instagram.com/p/0-aRe5MnzJ/
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Phoebe Moncrief
Happy Birthday @OWNingLight! Should be your brightest yet since it's your 1st after standing in your truth. Hope you're well & celebrating!
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Adam Savage
From the @MythBusters set.
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Shabab Attack on a Kenya University Kills 147, Officials Say, via @nytimes nytimes.com/2015/04/03/wor…
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Lindsay Lohan
Perfect morning 2 be brightening up my place with my #TeddyM art - TeddyM.com for more of his work! ☔️☀️😊
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