Rabu, 29 April 2015

@JoinTheFlock tweeted: At Twitter, we take #InternationalDanceDay very seriously. #DanceWithUs

Join The Flock
At Twitter, we take #InternationalDanceDay very seriously. #DanceWithUs
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Sarah Silverman
The majority of the vitriol I receive comes from people w avatars like this
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Ellen DeGeneres
.@ShawnMendes performed his new song on my show. Get ready to be in stitches. #ShawnOnEllen ellen.tv/1HZNvML
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Fallon Tonight
If you've been considering buying an Apple watch, Jimmy breaks down the pros and cons for you youtube.com/watch?v=SHh8oj…
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Kevin Weil
"That guy is a freakish talent." Great history of @tellapart, @crazyfoo and the Twitter acquisition by @jslavet. medium.com/p/9899768259cc
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Twitter Sports
Your guide to following @FloydMayweather vs. @MannyPacquiao on Twitter. #MayPac blog.twitter.com/2015/following…
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