Minggu, 26 April 2015

@nytimes tweeted: Why college is worth it, even for so-so students

The New York Times
Why college is worth it, even for so-so students nyti.ms/1Om2lkv
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Kim Kardashian West
Saturday nights @centenera 😘
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Alex Bryant
We need a tribe of people and surround ourselves with people who lift us higher, right @Oprah? #SuperSoulSunday
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Perez Hilton
This is how I feel right now. goo.gl/XQIlcz
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Lady Gaga
When the world is still asleep, it's so silent you could hear the tiniest creature. I just listen and walk slowly. A calm simple morning. 🐛
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Ellen DeGeneres
Happy birthday, @channingtatum! You've got it all. You're incredibly Channing. And you've got a great Tatum.
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